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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES) Teacher Professional Development Programme in Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) provides participants with a good foundation and solid understanding of the current principles and practices of teaching and learning in the field of English for Academic Purposes. The programme offers participants a unique opportunity to meet professional EAP teachers, develop professional networks and advance their pedagogical knowledge and teaching skills. 

Teacher Professional Development Programme in
Teaching EAP

Who is the programme for?

The programme is suitable for participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, both experienced and inexperienced practitioners who: 

  • wish to be inspired to enhance their skills and knowledge in teaching EAP 

  • are currently teaching in higher education but would like to specialise in EAP  

  • would like to advance themselves as EAP leaders in their institutions  

  • wish to teach EAP in higher education 

  • are doing or have completed an MA in TESOL, ELT or Applied Linguistics and would like to learn about the teaching of EAP 

  • teach in high school and are preparing their students for higher education

What are the aims of the programme? 

The programme aims to: 

  • promote and improve EAP teaching competence, extend pedagogical innovation among participants and foster teacher continuing professional development  

  • provide tailor-made training and bring cutting-edge knowledge and practices to participants by combining international expertise with local experience 

  • integrate pedagogical theory and teaching practice  

  • update and extend participants’ academic literacy knowledge together with their teaching approaches and research awareness to enhance their course design and teaching practice 

  • enhance participants’ skills in planning lessons and developing materials for students in an EAP context  

What are the distinctive features? 

  • Interactive, practical and reflective workshops

  • Small group teaching by experienced CAES teachers and teacher educators in the field of EAP teaching, scholarship and research 

  • Grounding in pedagogical theory with plenty of practical teaching ideas

  • Gaining insights into teaching and learning EAP in a world-class university

  • Introduction to EAP curricula and materials currently in use

  • Opportunities to evaluate and develop EAP teaching materials and lesson plans with feedback from peers and CAES teachers

  • Unique opportunities to observe classes, reflect and discuss with peers and CAES teacher

  • Engagement in an online learning platform with EAP references, resources and materials and a community of learning among participants

  • Awarding a certificate of completion of Teacher Professional Development Programme in Teaching English for Academic Purposes 

What does the programme cover? 

The programme covers the following key areas in EAP teaching:​

  • Teaching EAP in higher education  

  • EAP principles, pedagogy and practice  

  • EAP learner needs analysis and motivation

  • EAP course design, materials development and assessment 

  • Teaching and assessing academic writing and critical reading  

  • Teaching and assessing academic speaking and listening

  • Teaching academic vocabulary

  • Technology-enhanced EAP teaching, learning and assessment 


The programme also provides opportunities for:  

  • Observations of authentic teaching and discussion with teachers 

  • Materials development / lesson planning working in groups with teacher support 

  • Presentations / demonstrations with peer and teacher feedback

  • Sharing experiences and reflections on learning and continuing professional development

  • Joining a seminar on a current EAP topic by an invited speaker

  • Professional and social networking 

  • A tour of the HKU campus 

How is the programme organised and taught?  

  • A one-week, 35-hour, full-time programme  

  • Face-to-face 

  • Small groups  

  • Student-centred active learning  

  • Interactive, practical and reflective 

  • Research-informed pedagogy and practice using activity-approach and examples demonstrating teaching ideas, techniques and materials   

  • Participants will have clear takeaways 

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